How to cook rice porridge to the child

How to cook rice porridge to the child

Rice porridge is the major dish in a diet of children. It does not contain gluten therefore it is recommended for food of the children subject to an allergy. Unlike other grain, polished rice practically does not contain vitamins and minerals, but it has neutral taste and is very useful at diseases of a large intestine and stomach.

It is required to you

  • Round grain rice
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Sugar, salt to taste
  • Butter


1. For preparation of rice porridge only round grain rice is used. Carefully touch, remove all dark kernels. Wash out rice in several waters to remove all traces of rice flour. Fill in 1 glass of rice with two glasses warm water and leave to bulk up for 1-2 hours.

2. Put a pan on fire. Put a butter piece in grain, it will save rice from sticking to pan walls. Bring to boiling, close a cover, you cook on average fire about 10 minutes. Rice has to bulk up and become soft. After that add 1 glass of milk, lower fire to a minimum and you cook until milk completely is absorbed.

3. Remove porridge from fire, mix, add salt, sugar to taste. Leave porridge for 5-10 minutes under a cover.

4. For absolutely small children wipe rice through a metal sieve and part with milk to the necessary consistence. If the kid has an allergy to cow's milk, it is possible to cook porridge only on water, and after wiping through a sieve to part it with breast milk, or the delactosed dairy mix which is on sale in shops.

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