How to cope with a school stress

How to cope with a school stress

The summer is loved by many. Children have a rest, gain strength and again are ready to go to school. However not all want to come back to study, some do not like the school atmosphere, they do not want to change the habitual mode and to release carefree time. Such problem school students of any age are subject.


1. Let the child get used to loading in advance. In the middle of July ask it to work difficult objects on an hour a day. It is possible to find a set of the websites and programs which will make process of training not only simple, but also fascinating in the Internet.

2. Take care of a workplace of the child. Clear everything that could distract it the table. Let there will be what is necessary for it for work. Put on a table the photo from your summer holiday. The accepted memoirs will cause positive emotions in the child. So, and the working capacity him will increase.

3. Update clothes of the child and buy it bright office. All this will adjust it on an educational harmony. The child will want to return quicker to school to boast of the new things.

4. That to the child it was simpler will reconstruct, write together with him a daily routine and control observance.

5. Take care of that the child did not forget about breaks. To perform one homework, it needs to spend 30-40 minutes. Then let he will have a rest still half of hour. It is ideal if it is walk in the fresh air or the help with the house.

6. Do not insist on that the child sat down at lessons at once. He needs a break to restore forces. Help the school student to deal with difficult tasks and you do not shout if something is impossible to him. You praise the child for each performed task. It motivates it to work even more diligently.

7. Not always it is possible to avoid difficulties. Most of children are not ready to sharp changes and loading. The task of parents is to help the school student to be adjusted for new academic year.

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