How to cope with a stress during pregnancy

How to cope with a stress during pregnancy

Unfortunately, in modern life seldom it is possible to do without stress, from time to time there are not really pleasant situations which unnerve strongly. It is considered to be that the stress is harmful to pregnant women to understand, so it or not, it is necessary to understand what is a stress and as in general it affects a human body.


1. A stress is absolutely normal reaction of any human body to any given irritants. This mechanism allows the person to adapt to any given changes in the external environment. Irritants can be absolutely different, both physical, and psychological. Cold and hunger carry a heat to the first group, for example. To the second - offense, any serious deception.

2. The stressful mechanism works in a certain way. When there is any stressful situation, in an organism all systems begin to work actively, for example, heartbeat of the person considerably becomes more frequent, pressure increases. The organism begins to resist irritants. As a rule stocks of energy of an organism appear enough, it copes with a stress and all settles into shape, but if influence from the outside rather long, then forces of an organism appear on an outcome, it is exhausted. The alarm appears again, but now it is already irreversible.

3. Stresses not always only have negative effect on a human body, in certain cases they on the contrary make positive impact. They help to adapt to an organism to any new situation, and this quality is very important. When internal reserves begin to work, the immunity increases, the organism becomes stronger.

4. It is very easy to distinguish a stress of positive character from negative. It is rather simple to know symptoms of a negative stress, treats them the following: too fast fatigue, bad concentration, insomnia or nightmares, concern, frequent heartbeat, dizzinesses, appearance of rash, etc. Such stress is dangerous at pregnancy and can cause complications.

5. All the experiences need to be discussed, but not to save in itself as it not in the best way affects nervous system. As a rule, when problems understand aloud, they already seem not such serious and terrible.

6. To any person, and especially to the pregnant woman, it is necessary to be able to relax, it is a great way to get rid of a stressful state. It is the best of all to begin to master yoga, this very useful occupation which helps to find tranquility and balance.

7. At the head there have to be only positive thoughts, whatever situations in life occurred. As a rule, it is always possible to find something good, it is necessary to try and want it only.

8. When the woman leads a passive life, it is much more difficult to it to cope with stresses, it is already proved therefore even during pregnancy you should not forget about sport and physical activity if it is, of course, not contraindicated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team