How to cope with awkward age

How to cope with awkward age

Awkward age - a phrase, a nightmare given in the hearts of some parents. Some already endured this period, it is only necessary to others, but they are already afraid of its approach. There are so many gruesome stories and its dangers and difficulties, but whether it is possible to avoid them whether it is possible to cope with awkward age? Of course and.


1. To awkward age, as well as to any crisis stage, the person goes all the life and therefore it is worth preparing for it in advance. Bring up the child so that he did not feel pressure of your authority, be for it not a mentor, but the person who can be trusted.

2. Do not try to force the child to share with you the problems. It will not lead to anything, except as to the fact that he will just be closed from you, and in the period of awkward age will only stronger go to the world. Show an opportunity and importance of support, a confidential talk, the example. If since early years you are open with the child, then and he will open towards to you, and in awkward age you will not face a problem of concealment or concealment of any given acts.

3. Do not force the child to live punishment threat. Very often children do not admit something for fear of the fact that they will be abused. Such way of education leads only to the fact that they not just are not disaccustomed to bad, but, on the contrary, begin to make it more often: lie, hide, do not tell. You have to be always on the party of the child, try to understand the reasons of his actions, to understand. You do not hurry to judge, perhaps, he had motives for any given act. Always try to discuss current situation together with the child and together to find a way out.

4. Do not snatch on it with questions of all details of his life. The awkward age is time when he tries to prove the independence, to be allocated, show identity, but does not know yet as. Give it the chance to find themselves, to experiment. Quite often in the transitional world the parents toughen restrictions in fear that their child will get to the bad company, will begin to smoke, drink, shirk school. Of course, you should not leave completely the child unguarded and to leave everything on his discretion. But learn to trust the teenager, allow it to take samples, to be mistaken, study life. If you since early years showed to it respect and trust, he will come to consult and ask to you your opinion, will tell if problems appear. Let to it to feel the adult of the house that it had no need to resort to extreme ways of demonstration of the independence.

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