How to cope with cold during pregnancy

How to cope with cold during pregnancy

Future mothers are more often than others can be subject to catarrhal diseases. With pregnancy approach protective forces of an organism of the woman decrease. It occurs because the fruit, in fact, is a foreign matter with which the organism will fight against the help of strong immunity.


1. First of all, it is necessary to report about the overtaken cold to the gynecologist observing pregnancy. You should not self-medicate as it is possible to do much harm not only itself, but also the future child.

2. For simplification of a state at cold during pregnancy the simplest and available means will help. To cope with cold, to facilitate the breath complicated by congestion of a nose washings of the nasal courses salt solution will help. It can be pharmaceutical means or prepared at home from the sea salt dissolved in warm water which is used in cookery. Sea water dries allocations, moistening at the same time a mucous membrane of a nose and also removes puffiness.

3. Means which is familiar since childhood, probably, to everyone will help to cope with cough. This hot milk with a pinch of baking soda and a teaspoon of usual butter. It is possible to eat also a spoon of honey if there is only no increased temperature. One more cough remedy is from the childhood - inhalation over a saucepan with the potato cooked in a peel. If the use of a sage at pregnancy in the form of tea is not recommended, then in the form of inhalations sage grass infusion is even useful. If a severe cough, try to attach the sheet of cabbage greased with natural honey to the top part of a breast and to record a thin scarf or a diaper.

4. At cold warm drink is useful. It can be tea with a lemon, fruit drink from berries, camomile tea, fruit compotes. The most important is to observe moderation, especially, if there is a restriction ordered by the doctor in number of the used liquid. Kidneys of future mom already are exposed to serious loading therefore warm drink let will be not too plentiful.

5. As for food at cold during pregnancy, then the rule simple: is so much how many there is a wish. Salty, fried and fat it is not recommended, it is possible to eat the fresh or steamed vegetables, low-fat liquid porridges, fruit. Does not getting hungry - do not eat, it is better to eat later, but with appetite. Portions let will be small, do not overeat.

6. If temperature below 38.5 degrees, it usually is forced down nothing, at more high temperature it is necessary to resort to medicamentous means which only the doctor observing pregnancy can recommend.

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