How to cope with fear of darkness

How to cope with fear of darkness

Fear of darkness, or niktofobiya most often meets at children, at some people it remains also at mature age. For disposal of this phobia it is necessary to find out, than it is caused, and consistently to fight against the concrete reasons.

What causes fear?

Before fighting against fear of darkness, try to find out what frightens you, than your fear is caused? Perhaps, at night you hear some sounds or you often watch horror films. Remember that one of the main a way of perception of the world around at the person is a sight. When you are in the dark place, the brain loses signals from visual bodies and begins to panic. Hearing in the dark strongly becomes aggravated therefore any rustle at fear of darkness leads to emergence of negative visions in imagination of the person that in turn aggravates sensation of fear.

Be rational

As soon as you define what causes in you fear of darkness, try to find to it a logical, rational explanation. Many people are inclined to dream. The slightest the event, unusual to them, can cause panic. For example, if you are afraid that at night someone will enter your house by violence, lock all doors and windows and you remember that even if something and will occur, then will not do without strong noise. If the child is afraid of the dark, play with him before going to bed. Suggest it to check its room, glance under a bed, in a case, for curtains, etc. Such approach quite often works at children's age.


If fear of darkness appears in a bed when you try to fall asleep, try to distract, think of something good. For example, think, than you are going to be engaged next day. If you plan to be sent on leave, think where and as you will hold it even if prior to the holiday there are several months. Your task is to save the brain from negative thoughts. To distract itself, you can also listen to music, read the book, watch the comic telecast or a comedy film.

Surrounding objects

It serves frequent the fear reason not darkness, but objects which surround you. In the dark at a niktofobiya some things can look quite terrible though actually, usually they do not cause any fear. Try to take out these things from the room for some time and look at the reaction. If your fears are gone, look more often at objects which caused them. Again and again you tell yourselves that it is just furniture and there is nothing frightening in it, gradually return them into place and get used to their presence.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team