How to cope with nausea during pregnancy

How to cope with nausea during pregnancy

Pregnancy – very happy and disturbing period in the woman's life. But often its beginning is saddened by some indispositions which bring many efforts not only to the woman, but also people around. Statistically three from four pregnant women in the first trimester experience such manifestation of toxicosis as nausea in the mornings. Actually, knowing some cunnings, it is possible to avoid it unpleasant manifestations and to enjoy expectation of the miracle.

It is required to you

  • - water and other drinks,
  • - fruit,
  • - crackers,
  • - croutons,
  • - essential oils.


1. Nausea can pursue pregnant woman woman not only in the morning, but also throughout the day. Usually such manifestation of toxicosis is shown only in the first three months of interesting situation, and then takes place. But in rare instances it is shown further. As a result of carrying out researches of pregnant women it was found out what most often feels sick women from liquids and products, "harmful" to an organism, – alcohol, meat, eggs, fish and other. The fact is that all listed products may contain bacteria with which the immune system can not cope. In this regard, to prevent nausea, avoid these products at the beginning of pregnancy.

2. Very often nausea disturbs future mothers exactly in the mornings – and it is not casual. The fact is that since morning the sugar level in blood is a little lowered therefore it is recommended, without getting up, to eat something, for example, couple of croutons, cracker, some fruit. Drink mint tea – it has the calming effect and at the same time increases sugar level. Instead of mint it is possible to drink ginger tea which especially helps at nausea.

3. To suppress manifestations of toxicosis, drink more liquid, eat more fruit which also contain a large amount of water. Do not load a stomach with heavy greasy food as it also provokes manifestation of nausea. Eat in the small portions, but it is frequent that in a stomach constantly there was a food – then about an indisposition you will forget soon. This results from the fact that during chewing of food saliva which interferes with manifestation of the above-stated symptom of toxicosis is emitted.

4. One more nausea medicine are essential oils – a bergamot, a lemon, mint or tangerine. Drip to steam of drops in the aromalamp or to apply them on a wrist.

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