How to cope with the child's hysterics

How to cope with the child's hysterics

It is difficult to young parents to realize that the child writhing in hysterics is a result of their own education. But it needs to be made if hysterics enter a daily ritual. Patience and unity of requirements – here bargaining chips of parents in this situation.


1. Often young mothers and fathers underestimate the level of understanding of the events with their child. And even in a year the kid a lot of things realizes, especially in what way it is possible to try to obtain the. At this moment the problem of hysterics arises, the conflict between children's "I want" and parental it "is impossible".

2. Remember that it "is impossible" is that it is never impossible, anywhere and under no circumstances! For example, it is impossible to be played with the electric socket, it is impossible to touch the boiling teapot, it is impossible to run and play in the highway. It has to "is impossible" to treat the vital security measures of the child. Observe unity of requirements, but do not abuse this word, otherwise it can lose the importance. All other bans of parents can be expressed in softer form, for example, "It is not necessary, …", surely explaining to the kid why you should not do it.

3. One more important reception – switching of attention of the child. Children up to one and a half-two years very easily switch from a forbidden subject to the beautiful car which goes by, or to the green grasshopper sitting in a grass. Mame is enough to tell everything a treasured phrase brightly and with expression: "Oh, watch what big truck went!". At first can seem to you that constantly intriguing children's attention is very difficult to think out something. Indeed. But only at the beginning. Later it becomes a habit and does not cause any difficulties.

4. It is especially important to learn to switch children's attention aged from a year: at this particular time all problems connected with whims and hysterics begin. Remember: the kid should have no habit to shout hysterically to achieve the desirable. As soon as you at least once concede – everything was gone. Then it is necessary long and persistently again to introduce rules, and it is demanded by much more forces and mothers, and the child.

5. There are situations when any of the listed above ways does not help – the child is capricious at the slightest pretext. Find out what disturbs the kid. All know that the healthy child – cheerful and in good mood. Perhaps, the kid gets sick or he cuts teeth. In such situations it is possible to be more indulgent in the bans, to the child it is bad and he is not ready to perceive information. But as soon as the disease will leave, it is important to return quicker all rules to use and without any exception.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team