How to cope with the child's whims

How to cope with the child's whims

Even the quietest and obedient children begin to be capricious sometimes. By the way, the child how often is capricious, the relation to it of parents influences. Yes, children's whims are a stress not only for the child, but also for parents too. And still, when the child began to behave so, try to take several advice.

It is required to you

  • Patience, hardness and love


1. When your child begins to be capricious, take it on hands, kiss, however do not reward nothing. If it did not help, leave the child alone, go about the own business. For continuation of a performance the public is necessary.

2. Let know that you do not treat its hysterics seriously: be quiet, do not give in on provocation. If it occurred in the crowded place – take out the kid on hands, for example, on the street, let cries, as much as necessary. And do not react to moaning at all.

3. The bans should not be much, and surely they have to be on business. But if you forbade something or threatened with something – surely execute. From time to time the child will check you for durability and if you concede though once, then the kid will walk all over literally from you. About the same agree also with other adults in family: it is worse not if mom forbids something, and grandmothers grandfathers indulge whims. Then the child has a full scope for manipulations. Also because of it the parental authority falls.

4. Establishment of the equal, quiet relations is very much helped by all rituals and time forever the set day regimen. So, it is good to begin awakening with kisses or a game, and to go to bed with the fairy tale or a lullaby that the child knew that he ahead of it waits surely good and interesting. Your leaving arrival can also be accompanied with a ritual. Always explain when you return ("when you will have a sleep, you will play, you will eat"), kiss before leaving, sometimes you bring with yourself something tasty or interesting.

5. Sort out whether there is no objective reason for whims: sometimes the child is sick or wants to sleep. In such cases it is required to remove the cause, but not to fight actually against a whim.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team