How to cope with twins

How to cope with twins

It is hard for many young mothers to cope even with one kid what to speak about birth of two children at the same time. The birth of twins – a real miracle, but in this case double load falls on parents. To cope with twins, you will need many forces and patience, however life of young mom can be facilitated considerably if to know some features of care for twins.


1. Do not try to be independent and do not refuse the help of friends and relatives. For example, the family can take a walk with children while you will do household chores. Accept any help: to wash clothes, to clean up the apartment, to do shopping in shop, to put children to bed. To cope with twins not easy therefore do not hesitate to ask relatives about support, and the chance to thank them at you still will appear.

2. Place for yourself priorities. Reconcile to the fact that in the first year after the birth of kids at you it will hardly turn out to keep ideal order in the house. You already perform huge work – raise two children at the same time so dare not to be upset because of a dirty sink in kitchen.

3. Do not worry that you will not be able to nurse both children. Experience of many mothers shows that, as a rule, there is enough milk for each of kids. It is the most convenient to feed twins at the same time. Get scales and weigh babies before each feeding, so you will be able to notice in time if one child begins to exhaust from a maternal breast more milk, than the second. In this case less active the baby should be put to a breast the first that he could be sated too.

4. Try to accustom children to the mode at once. It will be much easier for you to cope with twins if they get used to fall asleep at the same time. Stack kids in one bed – twins behave much more quietly, being next to each other.

5. It is more convenient to bathe twins in the first months of their life separately. You should ask for the help the family that they looked after one child while you bathe the second and vice versa. There is no need to make bathing procedures every day – once in two days to your kids there will be quite enough bathing.

6. Do not forget about yourself. That time when children sleep, use for own rest. Many mothers so become isolated on care for kids that they absolutely cease to pay themselves attention. Give yourself small joy, for example, walk with friends, make to yourself manicure or just read the magazine.

7. Find time for the spouse. The birth of twins – serious test for durability of your family, try to make so that your husband did not appear out of the sphere of your interests. If there is an opportunity, be chosen somewhere together or just talk when children already fell asleep.

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