How to cope with two children

How to cope with two children

Often in dreams of the second child the woman imagines a touching picture where the brother protects the little sister or elder sister cares for the kid. However, at the beginning everything occurs absolutely differently...


1. The birth of the second kid - an inevitable stress for the senior child at any age. There is a jealousy, hostility of the baby, the aspiration to take your attention. Often senior child becomes intolerable: forgets those skills to which already learned to go, for example, independently to a toilet, accurately is at a table, demands to take it on hands and to feed from a small bottle. The newborn child needs you almost round the clock while the senior under feet gets and cries. How to cope with two children and to go crazy, the western psychologists and skilled mothers prompt.

2. Begin to train the senior child for appearance of the baby in advance. At once warn that the child will be born small and helpless, and will not be able to participate in games at once. Find for the senior time when you return from maternity hospital. Tell that he is a senior now, the adult and the kid very much is proud of it. Present to the child "a gift from the kid" which get in advance.

3. Do not impose to the senior child love for the baby. Perhaps, he seems to him others, ugly and uninteresting so far. Give to the senior time to take a closer look, get used to the newborn.

4. Do not force the senior child with a great effort something to do for the kid. At the same time encourage an initiative and show, than he can be useful. Ask to open a pack of pampers, to bring a towel, to measure water temperature. You praise for his independence, constantly repeat how you are glad that it the adult and everything is able to do while the kid still such innocent.

5. Do in time walks with children for the period of a daytime sleep of the baby. While he sleeps in a carriage, do not drag children on shops, and find time for the senior child. Play with it, collect a herbarium from leaves, construct a tower of sand. Having satisfied with your attention, the senior will thank you a quiet game in the room when the kid wakes up.

6. When the kid sleeps in the afternoon at home, do not hush on the senior child, forcing it to observe complete silence. Small noise level will not damage to the baby, and the ringing silence, on the contrary, will make his sleep excessively light over time. If the apartment with a loggia, get the radio nurse and put the chest kid to bed on a loggia in a carriage. At this time games and bustle of the senior will not disturb him, and you will in due time hear crying of the kid.

7. If the difference between children is small also the senior himself still insufficiently independent, he can ask on hands, climb to a breast, take away a pacifier and a small bottle. Skilled mothers of stair-steppers share council not to interfere with desire of the senior to stay several minutes on the place of the baby. Instead of straightening out the child and to ask to behave decently, pour to him in a small bottle of dairy mix, swaddle in a blanket and shake on hands. Most likely, he will be quickly bored by such game.

8. When children a little grow up, try to find several minutes not just to look behind them, and to play joint games. Children will not learn to play with each other, they need to be taught it, offering games on age. Let the senior will be a bus driver, and you with the child – passengers. If the senior boy plays soldiers, offer with the younger daughter "medical care" for wounded in fight. But you remember that the senior child has to have the territory, a corner. Protect it from feeble efforts of the kid to favourite toys and children's values.

9. There will pass several months, and you will notice that the most difficult behind – there was a mode, favourite games and traditions. And in a couple of years you will not be able to present any more how you could live only with one child in family!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team