How to correct a bite at the child

How to correct a bite at the child

For normal parents their kid – the best and beautiful in the world. But such defects of appearance to which even the most loving and indulgent dad and mom cannot close an eye sometimes meet at children. One of such defects – the wrong bite. Matter not only that curves, incorrectly located teeth look extremely unattractively. The problem is far deeper and more serious. The wrong bite can become the cause of both a disease of gums, and a number of problems with digestive tract. What to do to parents?


1. First of all do not forget about prevention! The habit of the kid to suck a finger or to hold in a mouth of edge of toys can promote development of the wrong bite. Try to disaccustom the child to it.

2. You should not repeat very widespread mistake of the parents considering that there is no need to sound the alarm until dairy teeth are replaced by constants. Remember: the earlier correction of the wrong bite, the quicker and easier it can be done began. Especially milk teeth are also important in formation of a bite.

3. Ideally both for self-complacency, and for prevention it is worth showing the child to the stomatologist-orthodontist still before teeth begin to be cut through. The qualified doctor even at this stage will be able to define with very high precision whether the bite will be broken at your kid. It will help you to avoid problems further and to begin prevention of the wrong formation of a bite.

4. It is possible to normalize a form and a smykaniye of tooth alignments by means of various techniques and devices. In some most mild cases there is quite enough application of massage and special gymnastics.

5. But more often it is necessary to resort to installation of orthodontic devices – plates and a cap. Plates are used, as a rule, aged from 6 up to 10 years. A kappa are the most effective to 15 summer age. Essential plus a cap is that they should be carried daily, but very short time – is no more than 2 hours.

6. In the most difficult cases it is necessary to resort to use of breket-systems. You should not worry and have complex about it: first, it becomes in order that teeth became correct and beautiful, secondly, many modern breket-systems can be fixed from the internal surface of teeth, saving thereby the child from moral discomfort.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team