How to correct handwriting of the child

How to correct handwriting of the child

Many troubles can bring to the person clumsy handwriting: the underestimated estimates on Russian at school, unreadable done lectures at institute or college. Problems can arise also at the doctor because he will not be able to sort that wrote in the history of a disease of the patient earlier. That similar situations did not arise in the future, it is necessary to carry out correction of handwriting of your child as soon as possible. For this purpose it is necessary to follow some rules and to carry out special exercises.

It is required to you

  • Copy-books, pencils.


1. Look narrowly at how the child sits. The correct posture is not only the key to the fact that the kid will have no problems with a backbone, but also the fact that he should not make excess efforts at removal of letters. If pressing the handle too strong, then it is necessary to do light massage of hands and shoulders of your little pupil. Houses need to be written on the draft copy only with a pencil.

2. If pressing the handle by the letter is very weak, then it is necessary to do special exercises on strengthening of muscles of fingers. It is also necessary to write and draw pencils.

3. If the problem is that letters continually get out out of line limits, words in line do not wish to be in borders of the printed lines, then it is necessary to buy, first, notebooks with brighter rulers, or to draw them. Secondly, it is the best of all to pass to the letter in notebooks into Kosaya liniya again.

4. If the child removes lines or elements of letters uncertainly, then it is necessary to buy a notebook which is used in preparatory or at the very beginning of training in the first class. In such notebooks much attention is paid to prescription of various lines: slanting, dotted, curve. Drawing of various figures offered in a notebook will help the child to be trained once again in a copy-book of elements of letters and figures. For fixing of result and development of the muscles which are responsible for the accuracy of small movements of hands it is necessary to pay attention to a molding from plasticine or the salty test, finger-type games including shadow theater, appliques.

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