How to correct to the child the speech

How to correct to the child the speech

Unfortunately, very many people face such problem as violation of the speech at children. What can be undertaken if your child does not utter some sounds, not correctly pronounces words? Of course, quite often without the assistance of the logopedist it is difficult to manage, however you can make something.

It is required to you

  • Desire, time and own voice.


1. The first that should trying to be made is to begin to play with the child some games focused on a speech development. Play with the child the game "Interview" where he should answer loudly in the microphone various questions. It can help the child to hear itself and consequently to begin to pay more attention to the own speech.

2. Play with the child descriptions of objects. Let him describe in all possible ways something that you do not see. The more and more variously the child will speak, the quicker he will be able to learn to say words that's right!.

3. Do the special gymnastics directed to strengthening of its vocal chords and muscles in a throat with the child.

4. Address the logopedist if the problem with the speech does not manage to be fixed independently. Having examined and having listened to your child, the doctor can make recommendations about treatment him in house conditions, and suggest to resemble individual classes or occupation in group.

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