How to count dangerous days

How to count dangerous days

The female menstrual cycle is regulated by means of several hormones which operate maturing of an ovum, its exit from an ovary (ovulation) and also a condition of endometrium. Throughout a cycle there are days in which conception is most probable. Sometimes there are situations in which it is necessary to define, in what part of a cycle these days come.

It is required to you

  • - notebook;
  • - handle;
  • - calendar;
  • - thermometer


1. To define in what part of a cycle you observe an ovulation, get a separate notebook in which you will make calculations.

2. In the calendar celebrate the day of the beginning of periods. It is the first day of a cycle. Consider what length your cycle. The ovulation usually occurs in two weeks prior to the termination of a cycle. Often in clinic for women the doctors give special calendar cards for accounting of a menstrual cycle with which it is very convenient to work.

3. During a cycle so-called basal temperature changes. To take basal temperature, it will be necessary every morning, to take you after at least three hours of a dream temperature in a vagina or in a rectum within 5 minutes. It is necessary to use thermometers of high precision. Write down indications of the thermometer in a notebook. At the beginning of a cycle, to an ovulation, basal temperature will be about 0.2 °C lower, than after an ovulation. This moment of temperature increase is also the ovulation period.

4. Practically in each pharmacy it is possible to buy tests for an ovulation. They determine the level of lyuteniziruyushchy hormone in urine. When the test shows positive result, and there is an ovulation.

5. Most precisely ultrasonic diagnostics helps to define day of an ovulation: the doctor carries out ultrasonography of ovaries and reports through what time the ovulation is supposed. It is one reception better to come not at the very beginning of a cycle, and is closer to the middle. A lack of this way, certainly, in expenses and also in a waste of time.

6. Except above-mentioned ways, some women are guided by such indicators as change of nature of vaginal allocations or ovulyatorny pains, but these signs quite indistinct, and they should be observed only together with the others.

7. So, after you found out in what approximately days of a cycle there comes the ovulation, conception is possible. As spermatozoa can live in a female genital tract up to 5 days (according to some information – up to 7), respectively, approximately in 5 days prior to an ovulation the days favorable for conception begin. This period approximately in 3 days after an ovulation comes to an end.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team