How to create collective

How to create collective

From that, how successfully members of collective will also be correctly picked up, the end result of common cause to a large extent depends. If you undertook the organization of people for any definite purpose, you should mean several important points.

It is worth remembering that the collective is created not just like that, and with a definite purpose. People in it have to be picked up so that performance of the general tasks was optimum. Therefore you need to think what roles members of the team that the general result was the most effective have to play. It is possible to make a start from functions for the sake of which you create small society.

Having distributed the main roles, paint each of them: what qualities the member of collective on this position what it has to have skills, abilities and talents has to have. After you make the plan of all team, double-check whether any functions are duplicated, whether there are no gaps, whether someone's interests are crossed. The competition in team has to be minimum.

Be engaged in selection of candidates for collective. Rely on the main qualities which any given person has to possess. Selection can be made in the most various ways. Hold testing, an interview, a competition depending on tasks which will face successful candidates then.

Having gathered a team, you need to explain everyone at first common goals of collective, and then individual tasks. Understand that for the greatest efficiency of people has to see a picture at once in general, realize what structure of society, in which it will work, create, self-fulfill. Give classes in unity of newly formed collective. People have to get acquainted, share the experience. Be at one to you as to the organizer of team, it will be visible what purposes or hopes everyone has. The training can be provided in playful way. However in it there have to be tasks which will help people to understand as far as they depend from each other. Then in the future in the course of work they will appreciate others, to respect and listen to others opinion. Distribute work between members of collective according to their duties and abilities. Only in practice you will be able to see, you did how right thing, having taken in the team of any given person. Anyway, you should not despair. Here can play a human factor, and you are not insured from mistakes, as well as the others. If it is required, before work provide training of people or instructing. You watch the emotional atmosphere in collective. It is important that to members of the team was not only physically, but also to work morally comfortably next to each other. As the organizer, you can watch that between people there was no misunderstanding. Try to solve the conflicts at their origin and not to neglect a problem.

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