How to create feeling of a miracle New year for children

How to create feeling of a miracle New year for children

Some of the kindest and pleasant memories of the childhood – the moments connected with celebration of New year. Letters to Father Frost, decoration of a fir-tree, vanity of adults, permission not to sleep in the main night of year and, of course, gifts – here what forever remains in memory and allows to be transferred mentally to those wonderful times and again to feel magic.


1. Prepare the child for approach of New year. Even the baby at the age of two years can already explain that one day under the decorated fir-tree Father Frost will leave gifts. Of course, tutors in kindergarten and teachers at school will study with children verses and songs for a morning performance or to prepare a performance, but it is important that also you were for the child a source of information on a holiday. Kids can show pictures in books, with children is more senior to write letters to Father Frost and "to send" solemnly by mail.

2. Connect the kid to New Year's efforts. Let he on an equal basis with you will choose Christmas decorations, to participate in drawing up the festive menu and to decorate the apartment. First, it helps to develop children's imagination, and, secondly, the kid will feel the participation in that magic that is developed directly in front of his eyes.

3. Allow the child on New Year's Eve if not all, then a lot of things. First, think over as he will be able "to stay" to peal of bells. Perhaps, you should postpone a daytime sleep to later time or to allow to roll about since morning in a bed longer. Secondly, give to the child the chance to make a noise, rattle, do some shooting from crackers, to leave the serpentine even if it will lead to emergence of undesirable garbage in the apartment. Thirdly, allow children to feel adults – let they will drink children's champagne and will take the real Bengal light, certainly, under supervision of adults.

4. Invite on a visit Father Frost. If you celebrate the New Year the big company, it is possible to change clothes of one of adults for previously sewed, bought or leased suit. The second option – to employ the grandfather "from outside" - on the eve of holidays you will find a set of announcements in newspapers and on the Internet. In this case it is better to choose the checked performer, otherwise the child can cease to believe in Father Frost. And the third option is to agree with somebody at work and to congratulate children of all employees. It is convenient if you live in not the really big city.

5. If you have no opportunity to invite Father Frost, dramatize his arrival to create New Year's mood at children. It is important that gifts not just appeared under a fir-tree, and were a magic image there. Therefore in this case calls to a door, a window leaf clap, the real snow on a carpet will great work. And, of course, gifts have to be beautifully packed, children got used to watch on TV the bright brilliant boxes which are tied up by bows and signed with unfamiliar handwriting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team