How to create mental maps

How to create mental maps

Mental maps, or mind maps, it is a popular way to order information or to look for the new ideas. Feature of such cards in their nonlinearity. Any element can be connected with previous. Thanks to "disorder" which actually just is unusual type of an order the mental maps help to achieve improbable results. The reason is that the brain works a little chaotically, but not on logical chains where one always follows another.

It is required to you

  • - big sheet of paper,
  • - handles, felt-tip pens and pencils,
  • - cuttings from magazines (not necessarily).


1. To create a mental map, take the big sheet of paper, the handle, colored pencils and felt-tip pens, mono also to arm with glue, color paper and old magazines from where y you will cut out pictures. The feature of a mentalna of cards is that so far you do them, the imagination works, and it requires food!

2. Place the main problem or a question in the center. It can be a subject for reflections on which you want to receive some conclusions. It is attention focus, here you will constantly come back.

3. Around the center have various associations, spread all available information, reflections, write keywords. Possibly, you will begin with the clearest and logical thoughts and the ideas, they will close settle down from the center, but your leaf is closer to edges will fill the most fancy and strange associations.

4. Do not restrain, you enter all things which come to your mind in the map. Everything that is shown by an intuition or imagination, can be put to use. Especially it is important if you look for the solution of a complex problem or the creative idea. Often the best options come when you look at a problem on the other hand, and nothing helps to make it better, than mental maps.

5. Connect among themselves various ideas and points by thin lines. It is not obligatory to do it consistently, the web of communications can be very chaotic.

6. As soon as seems to you that associations ended, it is possible to continue to think out associations from already available associations.

7. It is useful to practice in drawing up mental maps to estimate freedom of this method, and then, having a little dealt with the style, to order a little the ideas already during drawing up the card. So, it is better that one branch meant one direction though rules in it can not be.

8. Do not hesitate to draw ridiculous pictures, to paint different points, to paste cuttings from magazines or applique. The font can be the different size, the main thing that all words were written clear. Various shooters can form a web, it is important only that you in it did not get confused then.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team