How to cultivate accuracy

How to cultivate accuracy

The accuracy is one of the main qualities of the well-mannered person. The sensitive period for education of accuracy is the preschool age when the main traits of character of the child are put. The main reception of education of accuracy is the personal example of parents.


1. Begin to impart to the child accuracy when he is able to put the toys. Explain to the child that each thing in the house has the place. Begin with personal belongings of the child. So he will understand need of the fact that they need to be tidied up quicker.

2. In the course of education of accuracy apply game reception. For this purpose use a favourite doll of the child or a soft toy. Let it "will show" on the example as she "copes" with cleaning. The doll is perceived by the child as the peer and the friend therefore the effect of such display will be positive. As option, ask the child to show to a doll or a toy as it is necessary to tidy up the things. The sense of responsibility shown by the child at the same time will also promote education of accuracy.

3. Surely motivate the child on acts. You say to him that you are sure of it, its ability to manifestation of accuracy. Having seen that the child put the things, tidied up for itself toys, by all means praise him. The timely praise will give to the child confidence in the forces, will induce it to make a good act once again. As motivation use a request to help any of family members.

4. Define the list of the daily duties proportional to its forces for the child. Regular performance of simple instructions on the house will accustom the child to need of accurate performance of affairs. Besides, surely control process. Over time the child will get used to how it is necessary to carry out instructions and control will be replaced with self-checking.

5. Develop uniform requirements to the child. Inadmissibly, that in family there were pronounced disagreements concerning education of the child. At the same time requirements should not be periodic, otherwise they will be regarded by the child as optional.

6. Apply a personal example in manifestation of accuracy. In that case the child will perceive it as norm and gradually itself will become accurate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team