How to cultivate kindness

How to cultivate kindness

In modern society there is too much cruelty. Movies, computer games are filled with fights, firing, blood. The rage, indifference becomes more and more, and - it is less kindness. How to cultivate kindness in the child if around there is a lot of negative information and evil?


1. First of all any education begins with a personal example. It is possible to inspire for hours in the child that it is necessary to be kind, but it and will remain mere words if you not especially show this quality. It is possible to cultivate kindness only kindness.

2. Kindness needs to learn unostentatiously, drawing attention of the kid, first of all, to the identity of other person, to his state of mind. "It is not necessary to offend others, it is necessary to help, to calm". At first it is necessary to cultivate kind caring attitude to family members in the child. Since two years to accustom to help parents. And here it is important that to the child there was in joy what he does therefore do not abuse it if something is impossible. Gradually the kid will get used and to help, to sympathize with relatives will become for him the norm.

3. Show patience. In one day you will not teach kindness. Use life situations, animated films, books which will help to show what is kindness.

4. Try not to talk to the child from the adult's position. Sit down so that your eyes were flush with eyes of the kid. Parents give to the child the first lessons of kindness. The look expressing love, by a tender voice. The kid copies our behavior, arrives on our sample. And whether often your child sees you smiling, quiet? Think of it.

5. Children of 3-5 years are very sympathetic. Willingly respond to experiences of others: are happy, cry together with other children. Seize this moment. At this age emotions are actively formed: love, tenderness, pity, compassion.

6. The game "Good Acts" when the child does small surprises gives good effect, gives flowers, the drawings to relatives or friends, treats other children at the playground with cookies, candies. Such small and pleasant for the child and for surrounding tasks acts you can think up very much. Making them, your kid lifts a self-assessment, learns not only to demand and take from life, but also to give.

7. Help children, you teach them to express the feelings, to designate them by words, to pronounce them. So he will learn not only to understand the emotions, but also to feel other people.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team