How to cultivate kindness in the child

How to cultivate kindness in the child

Paying attention to intellectual and physical development of the child, it is worth to remember about the spiritual, personal development meaning assimilation by the child of the moral and moral principles, formation at it human qualities. Personal development is observed when the kid matures, his inner world and its behavior changes. But to cultivate in the kid the best human qualities – kindness and mercy, it is necessary from early age.


1. Everything that is heard and seen by the child in the very first years of the life, is postponed in his memory. Since small years impart to the kid sensitive emotional perception of the nature. It is important that he, not only saw beauty of the nature, but also felt it, enjoyed it. On each walk surely observe with the child of a picture of the world around. Try to attract of it interest in comprehension of natural beauty. Here bright fragrant flowers, a velvet grass, yellow leaflets, sleepy birches, diamond dewdrops, a rainbow over the field... It as a result will create at it not only high esthetic, but also spiritual culture, ability to protect beauty of the home ground.

2. To develop personally, to the child it is necessary not only to consume. Try to organize his life so that the kid could both take, and to give. He has to have serious constant duties: to do something on the house, to care for someone. Do not force the baby at all. Manage to organize it so that the kid himself wanted to help since it raises his status in family and causes respect of people around.

3. Think up to the kid household chores and make so that he carried out them with pleasure. Remarkably, if there is a pet at your place. The kid can watch that in a cat's flat dish there was always water, to walk together with you a dog, to water flowers.

4. On the street show to the kid as it is necessary to feed birdies with sunflower seeds or bread, suggest it to try to make it. At the same time tell the baby as birds are grateful to it as it is difficult to find him food. In the winter together with the baby do birds feeders and display in them a forage.

5. Teach the baby to care for you, the grandmother, the grandfather. Let it will be some trifles — important that he felt how it is pleasant - to help mom, to care for someone. Explain to the baby that people, just as to animals and florets, need love and care that if they lack it, they become unfriendly and angry – such people it is necessary to regret, understand them, they just lacked love. Tell the kid that all life situations, as well as in fairy tales, are won only by kind people, to their opinion listen, respect them. Such people who are not harboring malice with a pure soul, always live happily and long.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team