How to cure atopic dermatitis at the child

How to cure atopic dermatitis at the child

Almost every third child has allergic diseases among which neurodermatitis and atopic dermatitis are most widespread. There are several ways of their treatment.


1. Wide circulation of allergic diseases is mistakenly compared sometimes to ""mass epidemic"". However, such diseases are not infectious and are not dangerous. They have with infections nothing in common and therefore are not capable to cause epidemics. At emergence of a recurrence the atopic dermatitis causes discomfort only to the most sick. It is shown in the form of an itch, rash and peeling of skin. The cause of atopic dermatitis - congenital tendency to an allergy, neuroendocrine violations, hereditary predisposition, etc. Children are especially strongly subject to atopic dermatitis. At an allergy to milk, eggs or chocolate the use of the corresponding products can provoke appearance of rash and itch which is generally localized on elbow and knee bends, a face and neck. Usually this type of dermatitis arises in the early childhood, since first year of life. If long not to treat him, then it extends to the next parts of the body.

2. Treatment should be begun with the address to the doctor that that confirmed the diagnosis as it is easy to mix atopic dermatitis with psoriasis. Despite similarity of symptoms, ways of their treatment are various. After the doctor confirmed presence of atopic dermatitis, try to adhere to the diet appointed by it. In addition, it is necessary to carry out test on allergen. Perhaps, for prevention of an allergy it is enough to exclude only one-two products from a diet. If at their exception the symptoms disappear, treatment can be considered complete. If test on allergen revealed nothing in a diet of the child it is necessary to limit consumption of any high-allergenic products at the same time: such as fishes, chocolate, eggs, milk. Completely it is impossible to exclude them from a diet, but it is necessary to minimize the factors provoking an allergy.

3. Exacerbation of dermatitis can be caused also by house dust, wearing synthetic and woolen clothes, influence of household chemicals. If you noticed at the child on hands or legs rash, try to clean up more often at yourself the house, to vacuum, beat out dust from carpets. Also replace all synthetic clothes with cotton. During the winter period put on the child clothes only from soft wool. If the allergy to shampoo takes place, replace it on another intended for sensitive skin. During exacerbations of atopic dermatitis it is not necessary to bathe a lot of the child - water can cause strengthening of irritation and an itch.

4. Conservative treatment includes use of antihistamines, corticosteroids and hormonal medicines. The period of reception of corticosteroids has to short as they cause side effects in the form of a metabolic disorder, completeness, decrease in immunity. For compensation of the last factor the doctor prescribes the medicines strengthening immunity. If your child often has a tonsillitis, the doctor can prescribe the child and antibiotics as chronic tonsillitis and laryngitis are also the reasons of dermatitis and eczemas.

5. Remember that at untimely treatment the atopic dermatitis is capable to provoke bronchial asthma therefore at its first symptoms immediate start treatment.

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