How to cure cough at the newborn

How to cure cough at the newborn

Many of us look forward to New Year's holidays. But it will not be possible to have fun and a rest if yours the baby got sick. Then instead of long-awaited holidays, disturbing days and sleepless nights will come. How to avoid it?


1. At the first symptoms of cold immediately see a doctor as soon as possible to cope with cough and to avoid complications.

2. For treatment of dry cough use the medicine "Sinekod" which has no sedative effect, does not break motility of digestive tract and has pleasant taste. At damp cough you give to drink to the newborn the means promoting fluidifying and removal of a phlegm.

3. At emergence of temperature, be not fond without appointment of the pediatrician of febrifuges: its increase demonstrates that the organism of the kid struggles with an infection. If the baby has no convulsive syndrome and tendency to febrilny spasms, treat temperature as to the doctor who can make more, than a set of means and medicines.

4. Try to cope with cold by means of house means. Make flat cake for the child. Mix equally flour, honey, mustard powder, vodka, vegetable oil, divide into two parts, lay out on fabric, apply on a breast and on a back. Fix by a warm diaper and leave for the night, but it is possible for two hours.

5. Well the compress with honey and fat helps for cough. For its preparation mix two tablespoons of vodka, honey, goose or visceral pork fat. Rub with this mix the newborn's breast, a back, feet, wrap up a trunk in a warm diaper, put on a dense romper suit with a baby's undershirt and put to bed.

6. Give to the baby as much as possible liquid. If the child – the baby, put to a breast more often. If the bottle-fed baby – that plain boiled water. For the best otkhozhdeniye of a phlegm moisten air in the room in which there is a newborn. In winter season indoors with central heating put a damp diaper or a towel on the battery. If there is an opportunity, buy the special electric device – a humidifier, it surely is useful to you in the future.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team