How to cure rhinitis at the child

How to cure rhinitis at the child

Rhinitis call inflammation of a mucous membrane of a nose which is followed by watery or mucous allocations from the nasal courses. At the same time there is hypostasis of a mucous membrane and difficulty of nasal breath.


1. Most often cold is a symptom, but not a separate disease. And it is necessary to treat the reason, but not allocations as they are protective reaction of an organism to influence of the bacterial or virus agent. Do not use for treatment of rhinitis at children vasoconstrictive means and antibiotics. Humidify the nasal courses and regularly clean them from slime. After cleaning of a nose make washing clear warm water or medicinal solution.

2. For moistening mucous a nose do irrigations by physiological solution, infusions of officinal herbs or sea salt. The same liquids promote reduction of viscosity of slime. Apply solutions with addition of aromatic oils. If independent evacuation of contents of the nasal courses is complicated, use special pears for its suction.

3. If allocations from a nose at the child not plentiful, then are useful folk remedies of treatment. Dig in in the nasal courses water solution of honey or soda with a droplet of aromatic oil (an eucalyptus, a peppermint, etc.). If there is no allergy, then it is possible to oil it an external part of nostrils. Steam inhalations are very effective. Use for these purposes solutions of officinal herbs (leaves of raspberry, a guelder-rose, currant, a camomile, an eucalyptus). Even simple inhalation of hot steam considerably will facilitate breath.

4. In case body temperature is not increased, then can make to the child a medical bathtub. After flooding and insisting part 25-50 grams of a grass with boiled water in warm water in the bathroom and let the kid adopt such procedure not less than 20 minutes.

5. Make leg baths. For this purpose make an officinal grass (sage, a calendula, birch leaves, raspberry) in number of 1 tablespoon on two liters of water. Water has to be 38-40 degrees, duration of the procedure of 30 minutes. After that surely wrap up the child and put in a bed.

6. If within three days the condition of the child does not improve, there will be headaches and periodic temperature rises, urgently address the children's otolaryngologist.

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