How to cut hair to the child

How to cut hair to the child

In the very first months of life of the kid you do not think of style of his hairstyle yet. But inevitably there comes such moment when the bang already climbs in eyes, and tips of locks too strongly get confused because of big length. Well, it means, hairstyle time has come. And as to be pleasant to it for the first time such procedure, and it will be farther than it to perceive.


1. The most important task is to try not to frighten the kid. It is very good if you train the child for this process in advance. You will allow to take to it scissors, you will pick up to it a suitable game.

2. Before to seat child on a stool for a hairstyle, explain him why it is necessary and as he has to behave. Try to explain to the kid what you will do. Try to make so that the child most wanted to begin to get a haircut quicker.

3. During a hairstyle keep up the conversation with the child, try to interest him and do not hurt it at all. If the kid behaves well, praise and award him.

4. When the child is afraid of scissors, then the issue will be resolved more difficultly. You should act on the quiet. It will be necessary to distract its attention, the child should not see scissors in your hands. Try to cut that he did not notice. If suddenly he after all saw them, try to prove to him that a hairstyle - it is not sick at all. You already sheared pair of curls, and he also did not feel.

5. If there is nothing one exit: to cut during sleep.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team