How to cut nails to the child

How to cut nails to the child

Kids are born already with nails as those begin to grow during pre-natal development. During the uncontrolled movement by handles the baby can easily scratch himself therefore a marigold needs to be cut regularly.

It is required to you

  • - scissors;
  • - alcohol:
  • - file.


1. It is necessary to look after nails of the kid by means of special scissors with the rounded-off ends. Before the procedure process them alcohol or other sanitizer. Wash up hands.

2. To cut nails to the child better after the water procedures. When they soften, you will be able easily to cut off them, without injuring at the same time skin.

3. It is convenient to cut off a long marigold when the kid sleeps. At this time he is most relaxed and does not show resistance. If you do not want to disturb the beloved child, preferring to cut it nails during wakefulness, distract attention of the fidget. Show toys or other objects which are capable to interest the child.

4. Happens, the kid it is not simple to persuade obstrich nails. Then the procedure can be turned into a game. Tell that scissors are an engine, and a marigold - rails. Further on a marigold as rails "chukh-chukh-chukh".

5. Put the kid on a stomach and bend one leg in a knee if nails need to be cut off standing. Wait until the child calms down then start performance of conceived.

6. Carefully take a finger of the kid. Remove a fingertip and cut off the grown nail. At the same time it is necessary to cut off nails exactly across. It will allow to avoid growing them in skin. To smooth nails at the edges, use a nail file. A marigold on fingers of hands should be rounded slightly – in a shape of a finger.

7. Do not cut nails too shortly. It can hurt the kid. However if you accidentally injured the child's skin, you should not be frightened the situation. Will save sterile bintik. Apply it to the damaged place, and bleeding will soon stop. Do not apply a bandage to a finger of the chest kid at all. It can become an accident cause. The baby will pull the handle in a mouth, threads from bandage will get into airways, and the kid can choke.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team