How to dance dance of ducklings

How to dance dance of ducklings

Each of us is familiar with dance of little ducklings. This French song was strongly included into our life and now at everyone is associated with the childhood, causing nostalgic memoirs. As soon as this dance was invented, at once worldwide appeared many people, persons interested to train in it children. However not many can remember from the first all movements and their sequence. So let's remember how it is correct to dance dance of little ducklings.

It is required to you

  • Music, the platform for dance, the sea of good mood and desire to learn (or someone to train).


1. Get up together with all dancing children in a circle so that you without problems could join hands. Turn on the music.

2. On each two lines of the text repeat the following movements: squeeze palms, wave elbows, squat, at the same time kind of twirling by a tail. Rise and clap. In total for a couplet four repetitions have to turn out.

3. When the refrain begins, join hands and you drive a cheerful round dance. It is desirable to do it skipping. Children will be delighted. On a couplet repeat actions again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team