How to decide on clothing size of the child

How to decide on clothing size of the child

Young mothers often appear in difficulty when there is a need to buy clothes for the child. Each article of clothing, whether it be tights, hats, suits, footwear, has the designation of the size, and at the Russian producers the system of designations differs from the European. Our advice will help you to define clothing size of the child and to choose a thing which will suit it.

It is required to you

  • - child;
  • - centimetric tape;
  • - paper and handle.


1. To learn the size of a headdress not difficult, simply measure circumference of the child, this figure and it will be written on a hat or a cap. However, if there is an opportunity, learn when choosing a headdress a shape of the head of the child as if the head extended, can not suit the child a wide and superficial hat.

2. To determine the size of children's tights, measure growth of the kid, chest and length of foot. Buying tights, you look, these numbers and are specified through a comma, for example, 74, 48, 12 (these tights will be suitable for the child of 1 - 1.5 years with growth of 74 cm). If you take tights or romper suit on the chubby tot, take the size more, for example, with size 86.

3. To learn the size of children's footwear, measure a leg of the kid. For this purpose at the end of the day (when the size of a leg increases from continuous circulation) put on to the child socks with which it is planned to wear shoes. Then put him on the sheet of paper and circle both legs. Measure length of the received prints, rounding up. Take result from that leg which appeared more and determine the size by the table. Do not buy footwear for growth, so that it lasted for the next year, all the same the child will grow up imperceptibly and will not get into it by the end of the next season, and flat-footedness at the same time will earn.

4. Depending on length of a leg find out the size of socks. Even if do not remember this figure, take a centimetric tape and try on socks directly in shop.

5. To determine the kidswear size, measure growth of the child, chest, waists, hips, hand length to a wrist. Then try to determine the size by the table. If the measured data result you in several results, choose the fact that more. Do not choose too big clothes for the child in spite of the fact that he grows very quickly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team