How to decide on the third child

How to decide on the third child

The big family is not only great happiness, but also additional efforts. In the Russian conditions when the large family is considered nearly marginal, to bring the third child - big risk. But this risk comes true as soon as this long-awaited kid appears in your house. And you forget at once all alarms and doubts which overcame you waiting for the child.


1. And though now families where there is a lot of children, become more and more, on the third child is not so simple to be solved. For a start you should think what pluses can be from the birth of this kid. If the senior children already adults, so they have soon interests and plans in which parents not always are. The new kid will bring feeling of necessity and youth. And you still very long should remain in "system" to provide all children with a good education. Therefore, we will consider that the first plus in the birth of the third child is stimulation on achievement of progress.

2. If the senior children at you already big, then the kid revives in you the feeling of happiness lost over time which overcomes all parents at the child's birth. When it seems that all children's cares already behind, there are improbable transformations. Sometimes it is necessary to remember all skills of care for the baby. But this way – only true in our terrestrial purpose.

3. If you are disturbed by material aspect of business, then well study what privileges your family can use. In our country there are support measures for families with three and more children. Your children can use free travel by public city transport, free hot lunches at school. You can receive subsidies for payment of utilities and a monthly allowance for children.

4. You will have many things and toys from the first children therefore you cut down costs on acquisition of all necessary. And the most important, you already have an invaluable experience of education of children. And though all children, certainly, the different, basic principles remain invariable. You will not panic at high temperature at the child any more, will know how to feed the disobedient baby and what things it is possible to refuse safely. And as assistants the senior children perfectly will approach.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team