How to decorate group of kindergarten

How to decorate group of kindergarten

Education of children is impossible without their acquaintance with traditional holidays, such as New year, the International Women's Day, Defender of the Fatherland Day, Children's Day, etc. Every holiday is preceded by serious preparation which includes decoration of each group of preschool institution.


1. First of all, it is necessary to think over how the group will be decorated. It is necessary to consider age children. In younger groups it is necessary to use a minimum of jewelry whereas in seniors children can take part in their production.

2. The subject of a holiday will influence registration of group. Posters, children's collective hand-made articles, flowers, balloons, garlands – for every holiday choose the details. This subject can be discussed at a PTA meeting, having arranged "brainstorming" for parents or having suggested them to create "a moneybox of the ideas". Whenever possible parents of pupils can also be invited to help with registration. It brings together group of parents and teachers of group.

3. It is necessary to place jewelry so that children could not get and take off them. To use inadmissibly for fastening of a needle and a pin. For reasons of fire safety the detail of jewelry cannot fix to lighting fixtures. Using electric garlands, small lamps for registration of group, ask the electrician in advance them to check and most to execute connection.

4. As registration of group by a holiday it is possible to use thematic exhibitions. It can consist both of children's works, and of joint hand-made articles of children and parents. It can be also family collective works.

5. It is necessary to remember also about an esthetics of registration of group. Jewelry has to fit into the general interior of the room harmoniously.

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