How to decorate the children's room on a birthday

How to decorate the children's room on a birthday

Your child has birthday soon. The kid all in an anticipation of a holiday and gifts. So there is a wish to make this day unusual, magic and memorable that children's eyes began to shine from delight. Begin with decoration of the children's room, it is better to make it while the child sleeps that the surprise turned out.

It is required to you

  • - children's photos from family archive;
  • - Whatman paper;
  • - paints;
  • - balls;
  • - cuttings from children's magazines for a collage.


1. Decorate the nursery with spheres. It will be excellent if to inflate spheres with helium, then they will not fall. Collect the balls inflated with helium in sheaves and hang out about the room, and scatter the spheres inflated with air on a floor – children adore playing them. If finance allows, then festive registration of the children's room can be entrusted professionals – firms which are engaged in decoration of holidays. Except standard options of registration will offer you the interesting figures made of spheres – it can be both different animals, and heroes from fairy tales.

2. Make the wall newspaper devoted to the birthday boy. On a leaf of a Whatman paper paste children's photos, make a collage of images of darlings multgeroyev, write a cheerful congratulation, issue everything bright watercolor paints or gouache! And over the poster it is possible to hang up a garland from the letters "Happy Birthday!".

3. Do you have no time for creation of the wall newspaper the hands? It does not matter, buy already ready poster in shop. Now a good selection of children's congratulatory posters with bright pictures and interesting inscriptions. It is also possible to buy a congratulatory engine with cars where instead of windows paste photos of the child from the birth and till today – the photochronology of life of your kid will turn out.

4. If the child has a favourite animated character, the filmstar or he is fond of any subject (space, pirates, cars, girls have princesses or fairies), then decorate the room in this subject. It is possible to get posters or to unpack figures of favourite heroes and to hang out them on the walls.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team