How to define a teething

How to define a teething

Emergence of teeth in the child testifies to the beginning of a new stage of its development. Milk teeth begin to grow when the organism of the kid is already ready to expansion of a diet due to introduction to it of firm food. At the same time process of emergence of teeth not always proceeds easily and without serious consequences. A large number of children become whimsical at this time, and their health sharply worsens. In a similar situation the parents need to be able to distinguish the signs connected with eruption of milk teeth from symptoms of a possible catarrhal disease.

The approximate term of eruption of the first milk teeth – six-eight months. However tolerances from this indicator for several months both in one, and in other party. At someone from kids the first cutters appear in four months, and at someone long-awaited tooth gets out only by the first birthday. Therefore you should not be guided by accurate terms in the matter.

One of the most obvious symptoms of a teething is strong salivation. Often saliva leaves in corners of a mouth and on the lower part of a child's face unpleasant red spots. It is possible to remove irritation by means of special hygienic napkins or a clean handkerchief. Do not forget to process problem sites the children's cream suitable for your kid.

Eruption process usually causes in the baby strong desire to bite something firm, and thus to facilitate an itch in the inflamed gum. Offer the child special teethers which are on sale in pharmacies. Many models are supplied with special effect of cooling. To cool a teething toy, it is enough to put of it for half an hour in the fridge then to give to the kid. As a rule, stronger growth of teeth happens day at night therefore the dream of the child becomes faltering and uneasy. To calm the baby during night awakening, apply it to a breast. It is the safest and effective method of anesthesia. Gums the child bottle-fed baby can be greased with children's gel or cream with effect of anesthesia. At the same time make sure that the kid has no allergy to this medicine. Indirect symptoms of eruption of milk teeth are the increased temperature and temporary frustration of a chair. In most cases the swelled gums actually can cause similar troubles. At the same time it is necessary to watch a condition of the kid carefully. If it is not possible to bring down temperature in house conditions, and the chair does not return to normal several days, surely consult with the pediatrician.

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