How to define a tone at pregnancy

How to define a tone at pregnancy

Pregnancy – not only the finest, but also the most concerning period in the woman's life. It has to proceed in harmony and tranquility. It is important both for mummy, and for her future kid. But, unfortunately, not at each woman the pregnancy proceeds smoothly. The most widespread diagnosis which is found at future mothers is the raised uterus tone.


1. At the normal course of pregnancy of a muscle of a uterus are in the quiet weakened state. But sometimes for some reasons muscle fibers begin to contract and be reduced, increasing pressure in the uterus. Such state is also called the raised tone at pregnant women.

2. The tone of a uterus can arise at any stage of pregnancy. Especially often it happens in the first trimester because of stresses, the wrong way of life and food of the pregnant woman and also the wrong production of hormones. In the second trimester the tone can result from overloads and overfatigue at work. At these two stages of pregnancy it can become the abortion reason. The tone in the third trimester can appear because of rapid increase in the sizes of a uterus. The raised tone at the last stage of pregnancy can lead to premature birth.

3. The woman can determine the raised uterus tone at pregnancy itself also by such symptoms as ongoing nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach and in a waist. Pains at a tone can have also skhvatkoobrazny character.

4. If suddenly you felt that your uterus became firm as a stone, immediately address the expert, such state is a strong indication of the raised tone. The gynecologist will examine you and will make the exact diagnosis.

5. The doctor can make the diagnosis in several ways. First, by means of palpation of a stomach (palpation). Normal it has to be soft. At a tone the stomach becomes very firm. Secondly, by means of ultrasonography of a uterus. If the tone at you is raised, on the monitor screen the doctor will see the reduced muscle fibers. It is possible to define a tone and by means of the special device for measurement of force of reductions a miometriya.

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