How to define hearing at the child

How to define hearing at the child

All newborns hear only loud sounds, and react to silent badly. Watch behavior of the child more often - it will help to define how hearing develops at it. Remember that all violations in a speech development can be warned and eliminated if in time to appoint treatment.


1. If you decided to check hearing of the child for the calm, do it better when he is awake. Aged up to 6 weeks the kid reacts to loud sounds, opens eyes and blinks, shudders in a dream or wakes up. If age of the kid up to three months, try to clap slightly behind his head. If he shudders, then with hearing everything is all right. If is not present, clap once again.

2. Aged from three up to six months the kid fades when hears a new sound. The child can smile or babble if hears a familiar voice and to turn to you the head. Having heard an interesting rhythm, the kid begins to look around at his source. From six to ten months it reacts to the name and to phone call, noise of the working vacuum cleaner. At this age children like to listen to music, react to a sound, even very silent. The child has to turn the head when address him by name, mom, dad, begins to understand simple words so far, for example.

3. Aged from ten up to fifteen months the kid has to show at the request of the adult various objects on the picture. Look as he reacts to the muffled sounds coming from the neighboring room. At this age children turn the head to the one who talks to them. From fifteen months to one and a half years the child understands simple requests, for example, "throw a ball" or "bring a bear". Can wave at parting the handle, does various movements when hears familiar music.

4. At the age of two years the child attentively looks at your person, reads lips. If you noticed a speech arrest of development at the kid, check his hearing. For this purpose ask it to get up a back to you at distance of 5 meters, then you tell quietly simple words. The kid has to repeat them after you. Observe the child. If hearing is obviously broken, address the otolaryngologist. The doctor will appoint treatment and if it is necessary, will write out the sound-amplifying equipment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team