How to define intelligence of the child

How to define intelligence of the child

"Intelligence" (in translation from Latin intellectus - knowledge, understanding) in a broad sense means set of all informative functions of the person: from perception and feelings to imagination and thinking. In narrower sense this thinking. Check of level of intellectual opportunities is necessary already at children's age.

It is required to you

  • - materials of the test of determination of intelligence at children;
  • - scale of interpretation of test results;
  • - help of the experienced children's psychologist.


1. To give a quantitative assessment to intelligence and mental development of the child, it is possible to apply various tests which are specially developed for check of IQ at children.

2. Apply the Vekslerovsky scale to children which allows to give an assessment to verbal and nonverbal skills and also the general intelligence. It intends for testing of people of age range from 6 to 16 years. Identification of differences between IQ for nonverbal (dumb) and verbal (verbal) skills can be pointed to problems with perception. Pass such test with the child, having passed to the website to the address:

3. Use the Test to Stanford-Bina which is intended for children is more senior than two years. It allows to learn IQ and intellectual age of the child. As the test contains in the basic of a task of verbal character, it will not approach if your kid has specific communicative frustration (for example, autism) or insufficient development of verbal functions (on any external factors). It is possible to find questions and a scale of this test in the Internet, for example, to the address: To begin testing process, press the Begin the Test button. Also on the website there is information on how it is correct to pass the IQ test how to interpret the received results.

4. Application of the Denver test for assessment of I.Q. of children allows to estimate such parties of behavior as thin movements, the general movement skills, personal and social skills and the speech. It can quickly help to determine the level of psychomotor development of children of preschool age. The example of such test can be found on the website to the address:

5. Testing the child, you remember the basic rules of holding this procedure: the kid has to be absolutely healthy, existence of a quiet situation is obligatory, has to distract nothing it from the offered tasks. It is better if the experienced psychologist as he possesses a large supply of knowledge and abilities in the field is engaged in holding this procedure after all and after passing of the test will be able to offer any techniques for development of the psychological processes which received the smallest assessment at once.

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