How to define pneumonia at the child

How to define pneumonia at the child

Pneumonia is subject children of all age. And the child is younger, the heavier he has this disease. It is connected both with anatomic features of a respiratory system, and with even insufficiently strong immunity not capable to fully resist to diseases. The first symptoms remind a common respiratory disease which kids are ill rather often. Because of it it is not always possible to define pneumonia at an early stage. However there are characteristic signs indicating inflammatory process in lungs.


1. The nature of manifestation and the course of pneumonia at the child in many respects depends on his age, the reason and the place of localization of inflammatory process and also a condition of the kid at the time of development of a disease. At premature children and babies the disease proceeds heavier.

2. At the beginning the general symptoms of pneumonia appear: slackness or excitement, lack of appetite, deterioration in a dream. To them gradually, and sometimes and at once signs of inflammation of the upper airways join: sneezing, dry cough, cold. They are followed by sharp temperature increase to 39-40os which keeps for several days.

3. Because of severe intoxication the work of digestive tract which is shown nausea, vomiting, frustration of a chair, an abdominal distension is broken. These symptoms are connected with impact of toxins on a mucous membrane of a stomach.

4. Inflammatory process in lungs breaks normal breath, as a result the kid becomes uneasy, around a nasolabial triangle there is a characteristic blue, nose wings are inflated. These signs indicate oxygen insufficiency of the first degree which develops at pneumonia. Breath becomes frequent, arrhythmic, groaning. At emergence of these symptoms it is worth paying attention to a thorax. At damage of lungs it becomes blown up with the characteristic involved intercostal intervals.

5. In the absence of timely treatment in an onset of the illness there comes the second stage of pneumonia. It is shown by signs of oxygen insufficiency of the second degree. Breath becomes arrhythmic with periodic stops. The cyanosis appears already not only around a nasolabial triangle, and on all body. The condition of the kid becomes serious and begins to threaten his life.

6. Often against the background of sharp temperature increase and severe intoxication spasms and a meningialny syndrome develop: tension of occipital muscles, a condition of a stupor, a fontanel vybukhaniye (at babies).

7. Only the doctor therefore at cough and cold, followed by high temperature, it is worth addressing him immediately is for certain capable to define pneumonia at the child. Even at the unconfirmed diagnosis the timely treatment of common cold will help to avoid the secondary pneumonia developing as a complication.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team