How to define pregnancy after the delivery

How to define pregnancy after the delivery

After pregnancy and childbirth the organism of the woman needs about 6-8 weeks to return to normal. An exception is normalization of a hormonal background and mammary glands. They are restored slightly longer. As hormones influence a menstrual cycle, to define pregnancy after a while after the delivery happens rather difficult, the periods during feeding by a breast at most of women are absent. In this regard it is necessary to use other means of definition of conception.

It is required to you

  • - instant test for pregnancy;
  • - mochesbornik for analyses


1. Use the instant test for pregnancy. Such are on sale in each pharmacy. The test determines the HGCh level (Horionichesky gonadotrophin) in urine which number shows she is pregnantby woman or not. Take the test and attentively read the instruction. The instant test for pregnancy is recommended to be done in the morning as at this particular time day the level of hormones in urine maximum. Usually the express research becomes approximately a week later after estimated date of approach of the next monthly. But as during the postnatal period the periods often are absent, the test needs to be done at emergence of the first symptoms or doubts.

2. Listen to the feelings. Many women have some unpleasant feelings at pregnancy approach – nausea, headaches, irritability, weakness and fatigue, sometimes even desire to eat something sharp or salty, sharpening of sense of smell, frequent desires to urination, etc.

3. Address the gynecologist. Tell the main symptoms of your state, feature of your cycle before pregnancy and after the delivery and other. The doctor will perform vaginal inspection and will define, you are pregnant or not.

4. Take a blood test on the HGP (horionichesky gonadotrophin of the person) level in blood. If its level is higher than norm, then, most likely, you are pregnant. This way of definition of pregnancy is one of the most exact.

5. Make ultrasonography (ultrasonography). To define pregnancy and also pathologies and deviations by ultrasonography, it is possible with the maximum reliability.

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