How to define the child in school

How to define the child in school

The school is an important stage of life and development of the child. Therefore parents at a stage of signing up of the son or daughter in school have to choose suitable educational institution. There is a certain operations procedure at record of the child in the first class which parents have to observe.


1. Decide in what school your child will go to study. You can choose as educational institution which is most closer to your house, and a gymnasium with in-depth study of separate objects in the area remote from you. To get acquainted with different schools, attend Open Days for parents which many educational institutions hold in March or April. But consider that your child is obliged to admit only to school to which your house, that is the next belongs. In other educational institutions, places can just not be enough.

2. Learn whether your child is ready to school. Some educational institutions conduct interviews of children to learn whether they are capable psychologically and physically to cope with academic loads. Consider also age of the child. At the time of receipt in the first class it has to be not less than six and a half years old. At earlier age even at the developed intelligence and skills it can have problems with training.

3. Perform medical examination of the child. Before school for the child in his children's policlinic the special medical record which is transferred later to school is made out. Except the pediatrician, the child is examined also by other experts, for example, the neuropathologist and the oculist.

4. Submit the application for transfer to the chosen school. For this purpose come to the director of educational institution on April 1 the current year or later. Take the medical record of the child, his birth certificate and the passport. It is not obligatory to take the child.

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