How to define the first stirs

How to define the first stirs

Thanks to ultrasonographies, pregnant women can see the first movements of the children long before begin to feel them. The first stirs can be so weak that sometimes remain and not distinguished.


1. The fruit begins to make the first movements on the 8th week of pregnancy. First it only slightly turns here and there a neck, but already literally in 10 days the embryo moves with hands, and between 10 and 12 weeks learns to open a mouth and does the first drink of amniotic waters. All these movements meanwhile happen reflexively and promote development of the growing muscles and establishing communications between cells of nervous system. Often future mother does not even suspect what active life the kid in it leads.

2. Most of women feel the first push from within on term about 18 weeks. It can occur also for 2-3 weeks sooner or later. Everything depends on the place of attachment of a placenta and many other factors. In the first pregnancy the little should wait longer, than in the subsequent.

3. Most often the first movements of the child in a womb of mother describe as tickling of wings of a butterfly or splash of a small fish in an aquarium. Some just notice nothing, and write off activity in a stomach for the movement of gases in intestines.

4. To feel the first movements of the child, it is necessary to wait for the corresponding term. Some women swear that felt the kid in 12 and even 10 weeks, but doctors consider that at the most favorable combination of circumstances before the 16th week there cannot be it in any way. And here after approach 4 months it is possible to begin to listen to himself.

5. The first pushes can remind tickling or easy touch, and it is easy to confuse them with the movements of intestines. The most important distinctive sign is that there are they always in the same place in the bottom of a stomach. If to lay a hand to a stomach, stirs can be felt more obviously. Some in general feel them at the beginning, only when the stomach is pressed by close trousers or a seat belt in the car.

6. As for time of day, kids differ in the greatest activity to mornings after breakfast or in the evening before withdrawal for sleeping. Sometimes advise pregnant women to eat chocolate or candy. Under the influence of the carbohydrates which came to blood the kid becomes more active.

7. If for several days you test the above symptoms, then can be sure is "it". And in a week - another your kid will get stronger so that you will cease to doubt and will not confuse his pushes already with anything.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team