How to define time for pregnancy

How to define time for pregnancy

Sometimes pregnancy does not occur even many years of joint life later. To steam vague doubts into the account of health of a reproductive system begin to torment. Perhaps, the cause of infertility is not in problems with health, and in irregular sex life. It is solved easily and simply, it is only worth picking up successful time for conception.


1. If you do not know how many days last your menstrual cycle, begin to write down the beginning of everyone monthly in a notebook or mark a certain day on the calendar. Not always the periods begin in the same day of month, it can get off a little and if you cannot remember number, then this variant will be optimal for calculation of duration of a cycle.

2. Count the number of days of the first day of periods prior to the beginning of following. Normal the cycle lasts 28 days, but also the interval between critical days up to 35 days is not considered a deviation.

3. Now count of estimated day of the beginning of the following monthly 14 days ago. This day is also considered the most favorable time for conception. But you remember that pregnancy can occur not only from sexual intercourse which was this day. Active spermatozoa can live up to 14 days in the woman's organism and impregnate an ovum in day of its ovulation. Therefore regular sex life – the key to success for persons interested to have children.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team