How to define whether is enough for the baby of milk

How to define whether is enough for the baby of milk

Babies often cry. The reasons of crying are quite various, and one of them – hunger. But it is not always possible to estimate authentically the reason of crying of the kid therefore it is important to be able to define whether is enough for the child of breast milk.

It is required to you

  • - Scales;
  • - calculation of number of urinations.


1. When applying the child to a breast according to the first requirement and in the absence of foreign objects for sucking (small bottles and dummies) of milk in a breast it will be developed exactly so much how many it is necessary for the child. Take care of giving to the child a breast on any requirement. Listen and estimate whether the kid swallows of milk.

2. Check whether correctly the kid takes a breast. When sucking in a mouth of the kid there has to be all of an aura of a breast, and not just a nipple, and lips of the child have to be twisted. If applying incorrect, try to correct it. Most likely, you should apply the child to a breast anew. Do not forget about what at the time of insertion of a breast of pacifiers goes not to a mouth, and towards a nose of the kid.

3. Take off from the child a diaper for day and consider how many times he peed. The quantity more than 10 says that milk is enough. In the first days of life the number of urinations have to be one more, than age of the newborn in days. It is also important to watch a meconium otkhozhdeniye.

4. Weigh the baby not more often than once a week. The minimum increase in a week makes 125 g. At the same time do not forget that in the first days the kid loses flesh up to 10%. Pay attention that is more often than once a week you should not weigh the child. Especially, there is no sense in weighing before each feeding as the baby on breastfeeding should not eat the fixed amount of milk for one feeding. Besides, all scales, even electronic, have an error which makes up to several dozen grams. Therefore authentically it is impossible to estimate small increases.

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