How to define, who the father

How to define, who the father

Desire of future mother to define who is the child's father, quite clear. Pleasures of pregnancy and care of yet not been born kid want to be shared with the man who will be in it directly involved. However if you had two and more partners, you can have doubts concerning paternity.


1. It is possible to determine the child's father by estimated date of pregnancy. For this purpose remember when at you the last time were monthly. If you conduct a calendar card where scrupulously you note approach of periods – perfectly, it will help you to determine exact date.

2. For definition of date of conception of the child you need to know also length of the cycle. At most of women this term is 28 days, however it can last from 21 to 35 days. During an ovulation the ovary leaves the ripened ovum ready to fertilization. Usually it occurs for 14-15 day after approach of monthly. Girls with a non-standard cycle need to count this term individually. The ovulation is favorable time for conception. However it is necessary to consider viability of spermatozoa in a female genital tract and also the fact that conception can happen not only in day of an ovulation, but also two-three days later. Total, approach of pregnancy falls on the period in six-nine days. The dangerous period begins three days before an ovulation. If at this time you had a contact only with one man, then he also is a father.

3. Even more exact age of a fruit you will be told on ultrasonic diagnostics. It makes sense to do it already on the term of ten weeks. The doctor will tell you how many weeks to a fruit, and you will be able to define day of conception more precisely.

4. Most precisely to define who is the child's father, it is possible by DNA test. For this purpose it is not necessary to wait for the birth of the kid. The doctor will take necessary genetic material from amniotic liquid. The research will require also DNA of alleged fathers of the child. After detection of the coincided genes you will be told which of men will become a dad. Similar diagnostics can be carried out from ninth week of pregnancy.

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