How to deliver a candle to the child

How to deliver a candle to the child

Medicines to small children are appointed in the form of rectal candles. Absolutely small children do not resist during such procedure. More difficult the situation is with children is more senior, they resist and do not allow to put medicine. To put a candle it is necessary to make a number of simple actions.


1. Wash hands under flowing water with use of children's soap. Do not forget to wash to the kid buttocks. After the water procedures you do not apply children's cream to the child's skin. During introduction of a candle it can get into intestines, and it is undesirable.

2. Put the child in horizontal position. You can carry out the procedure on a bed or on a changing table. Choose that place where to you and the kid it will be convenient.

3. Open packing with a candle. After that it is necessary to enter as soon as possible it, otherwise it will begin to lose rigidity and to thaw then it will be much more difficult to put it.

4. Slightly bend legs of the kid and accurately enter a candle. Take a finger about an anus, the first minutes it can back push out it involuntarily. Try to distract the child.

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