How to determine character of the child by the drawing

How to determine character of the child by the drawing

The children's drawing, psychologists claim, these are not just scribbles and color mixture. It is the most real psychological portrait of the kid. According to the drawing - its subject, the used colors, intensity of pressure on karnadash or a felt-tip pen - can learn a lot of things about thoughts and the child's thoughts. Besides, on children's pictures determination of character of any given child easily is formed.

Children's drawings are the present book for the professional. The psychologist can solve on her that he disturbs even the most closed and silent child. The main thing, attentively to look narrowly and define all details. It is necessary to understand that drawings of children age of 5 years are suitable for a research. It is connected with the fact that drawings absolutely still of kids are executed schematically and fingers of kids are still quite poorly developed. Drawings of children under 5 years can be analyzed only in the flowers chosen by the child. So, for example, if the kid draws black, means it increased aggression. The surplus of red indicates activity, brown signals about an illness.

To make idea of character of the child according to the drawing, it is necessary to take, at least 5-6 copies of different pictures which, besides, were made at different times. If you lack drawings for a research, ask the child when he is in good mood, to draw some picture.

If the child chooses only a simple pencil for drawing and completely ignores any colors it means that the child has insufficiently high level of development. However, you should not confuse with a situation when the child just essentially does not want to draw in flowers at this moment. Use of standard flowers and drawings indicates that the child normally develops, everything goes on age. Points non-standard drawings and surrealistic color mixture that before you nature creative. It is possible to determine by color of pencils also the different traits of character peculiar for the kid. So, if favourite color of the child yellow, it means that it rather spiritual personality developed and moral, visionaries, dreamers and storytellers. The people preferring yellow, liberated, original, dissidents, etc. Therefore they can often have problems with people of patriarchal way. The children choosing violet colors are sensitive, easily giving in to suggestion, excitable. They need support and approval of parents. And here the children choosing red, close on color, are open and active, live and restless. Such often call disobedient. Blue color is chosen by serious and strong-willed children who differ in pedantry, attentiveness and control. They are vain and proud. Green gives in the child the personality conservative, afraid of changes. The children loving orange color, excitable, cheerful little rascals. Traditionally gloomy brown color indicates existence of discomfort in soul of the kid. Such children differ in poor health, sharply react to family disorders, often at teenage age become participants of asocial groups. Black color symbolizes that the child too quickly ripened and is in a constant stress.

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