How to determine date of conception

How to determine date of conception

Fertilization is a merge of men's and female gametes therefore the zygote from which subsequently and the germ develops is formed. If you plan to conceive the child, then you need to know ovulation time. During this period the conception is most probable.

It is required to you

  • - thermometer;
  • - test for definition of an ovulation;
  • - ultrasonography.


1. For establishment of date of conception it is possible to use the next simple way. Choose desirable date of birth of the son or daughter. Add to the turned-out number week and three months. It will also be date of conception of your kid.

2. The woman can establish approach of an ovulation, daily taking basal temperature (temperature in a rectum). It is necessary to do it since morning until you got up yet. Enter into a rectum or into a vagina the thermometer approximately on 5 centimeters and you hold within ten minutes. To an ovulation basal temperature less than 37 degrees, after it exceeds this figure. Day before temperature rises, it and is day of an ovulation.

3. If you know duration of the cycle, you can calculate estimated date of an ovulation. At a standard cycle whose duration equals to 28 days, an ovulation day comes on the 14th. If the menstrual cycle lasts 21-24 days, then the ovulation begins for 10-12 day, 31-35 – on 16-18. The beginning of a cycle the first day monthly is considered.

4. To define date when conception is successful, it is possible if you observe change of allocations from a vagina. One one or two days prior to maturing of an ovum the dense and sticky allocations from a neck of the uterus become transparent. If you noticed it – prepare for conception.

5. Come into pharmacy and buy the test for definition of date of an ovulation. These tests are subdivided into two types: some define date, based on changes in composition of saliva, others – urine. Choose that which will be more convenient to you.

6. The most reliable way of definition of date of conception nevertheless is ultrasonic diagnostics. Address to policlinic, and experts will tell you start date of an ovulation after carrying out a research.

7. When planning pregnancy, you remember that the ovum keeps viability within 12-24 hours, and spermatozoa – 2-3 days (sometimes even week). Therefore the probability of pregnancy remains within 6-9 days.

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