How to determine pressure at children

How to determine pressure at children

Determination of pressure at children has the features. The size of arterial blood pressure is influenced by acceptance of food shortly before measurement and physical activity. Besides, the standard sizes of a manzhetka of a tonometer can not approach by the size.

It is required to you

  • Tonometer with correctly picked up manzhetka.


1. Now experts prefer as measurement of arterial blood pressure by means of the Rivo equipment – Rochchi, by Korotkov-Yanovsky's method. In the course of measurement of pressure at children install the device so that the manometer the zero division was at the level of an artery, in the same time, the artery has to be flush with heart. Dress Manzhetka on a shoulder slightly above an elbow so that between a shoulder and a manzhetka the finger was located. Manzhetka of the corresponding sizes which fluctuate depending on age ranging from 3.5 - 7 cm, up to 8.5 - 15 cm are necessary for kids. To children is more senior than ten years adult manzhetka will approach.

2. To the child measure pressure in the morning, right after a dream or on the expiration of 15 minutes after the kid had a rest. Before the research put or put the child the unbent upper extremity turned palm up so that the hand was flush with heart. At distance of 3 cm from an elbow impose a manzhetka, at the same time the clothes should not constrain an extremity. After that, in an elbow pole grope pulse and apply a phonendoscope to this place. Then close the gate on pear and pump up air before disappearance of pulse then slowly lower air, listening by means of a phonendoscope to warm tones and watching a scale. The first sound tone will mean systolic pressure, and the second - diastolic.

3. For half an hour before the procedure of measurement of pressure the child is not recommended to eat food and also to test a physical overstrain. Indoors, where holding a procedure is supposed, it is necessary to keep quiet. For determination of pressure use an automatic tonometer as soon as possible. The essence of the procedure is simple, seat the child on a chair with a back, a hand bend in an elbow at an angle 80 degrees and put it on a plain surface. Put on the electronic device a wrist then press the button. The tonometer carries out all necessary operations during which the child should not move and talk.

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