How to determine the fat content of breast milk

How to determine the fat content of breast milk

Mothers, whose children are on breastfeeding, often worry – whether the sufficient quantity of food is received by their kid? And even if it has enough volume of the arriving milk whether is enough for the kid of fat content of breast milk?


1. To determine the fat content of your milk, decant it a little in a glass or a small bottle. If milk has a bluish shade, the fat content of milk means it is not really high. Fat milk has yellowish color. Than it is more yellow – the higher it fat content. This method is not always right as color of milk is depending on food of the woman. Eat more carrots, and you will notice that your milk got an obvious yellow shade.

2. Leave the decanted milk in a glass and place it for the night in the fridge. After a while milk will begin to settle. The fat which is contained in milk will rise up, forming a pronounced layer of cream. Get a glass in the morning and look, the layer of cream is thicker – the milk fat content is higher.

3. Take pure white fabric and drip on it breast milk. Wait until the drop dries. If on fabric there was a trace, also milk at you normal fat content means.

4. Use the best determinant – your child. It is not uneasy, well fills up, does not ask constantly a breast? Means, your child is full, and for him no role is played by big fat content at your milk or small. Here if he does not wish to release a breast after feeding and at the same time cries, then, most likely, it lacks food.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team