How to determine the fruit size

How to determine the fruit size

The scientists abroad conducting researches of conditionality of growth of the child established that it first of all depends on growth of the father, that is the father, the higher it the child is higher. However important factors are also living conditions (food, physical activity, presence of diseases).

It is required to you

  • - measuring tape;
  • - ultrasonography


1. A genetic factor – one of the most important parameters of determination of growth of the child. As a rule, growth of boys is caused by growth of the father or the immediate family in the male line (uncles, grandfathers), and growth of girls is caused by growth of mother and maternal relatives.

2. Address the gynecologist. Parameters by which it is possible to determine growth of a fruit: condition of a placenta and obstetric calculations. If during pregnancy there is a violation of activity of a placenta, then at a fruit the hypoxia (oxygen starvation) can develop that leads to the slowed-down growth and development of a fruit.

3. At visit of the gynecologist at the pregnant woman by means of a measuring tape do measurements of a circle of a stomach and height standing of a bottom of a uterus. Obstetricians when determining the size of a fruit (large, small, is normal) use several formulas, in particular: the circle of a stomach (cm) is multiplied by height of standing of a bottom of a uterus (cm). However the given formula is considered simple, but not the most exact as it does not consider thickness of hypodermic and fat cellulose at the pregnant woman.

4. Address experts for performing ultrasonography. Determine the fruit size by ultrasonography, measuring several parameters: kopchiko-parietal (date of the last periods), bi-parietal is determined (the size between the right and left sides of the head), the hip length (measurement of the longest bone of a body – a femur – reflects fruit length, it is possible to determine pregnancy term by length of a hip), etc. In case of need the doctor will take additional measurements.

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