How to determine the pampers size

How to determine the pampers size

Disposable diapers which in the people most often are called "pampers" strongly were fixed in the market of means of hygiene for kids. Most of mothers with pleasure use them since the birth of the child before schooling to a pot. To provide to the kid the maximum comfort and convenience, it is necessary to pick up the diaper size correctly.


1. The main criterion of definition of suitable pampers – the child's weight. On packings of diapers of the American, European or Japanese producers the sizes can be designated differently, but as the general reference point the body weight of the kid anyway acts. Most often the following types of marking on weight ranges meet: 2-5 kg: 1 - Newborn; 3-6 kg: 2 - S-Small - Mini; 4-9 kg: 3 - SM - Small/Medium - Midi; 7-18 kg: 4 - M-Medium - Maxi; 9-20 kg: 5 - ML - Medium/Large - Maxi Plus; 12-25 kg: 6 - L-Large - Junior; 16+ kg: 7 - XL - Extra Large.

2. From the table it is visible that the sizes block each other: for example, it is possible to put on the child who weighs 8 kg both the Midi diaper, and Maxi. Find the middle of the range specified on a pack in such cases, and compare it to the weight of your kid: if the last above, safely buy the following size.

3. With an identical weight children can have the different growth, volume of a tummy and thickness of legs therefore it is necessary to consider specific features of the child. For convenience use the table of correspondences of the size of pampers to a grasp of a stomach and hips: The Stomach of BedroNewborn size is 30-44 cm 10-24 sms 34-48 cm 12-29 smm 36-54 cm 14-32 sml 38-56 cm 17-35 cm

4. It is very important to consider the absorbing ability of a diaper. If the kid drinks a lot of liquid and, respectively, urinates more often, then the pampers suitable it on weight can proceed because of fast filling. In that case choose the size more.

5. Nevertheless, do not buy diapers "for growth": they have to fit tightly legs and a tummy of the kid to do not pass moisture, but not the suitable pampers will not cope with this task.

6. Watch reaction of skin of the child: if on it there are traces from an elastic band or attrition, so it is time to pass to the bigger size of a diaper. Also it is necessary to arrive if velcros or fasteners are enshrined in the most extreme provision. A sure sign of the fact that the pampers are small is looking out because of a corbel pupochek the kid.

7. Besides, when the baby will begin to move actively: to creep, sit, go, replace usual pampers on velcros with disposable diapers shorts to create to the kid the greatest comfort.

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