How to determine the size of children's footwear

How to determine the size of children's footwear

Incorrectly picked up footwear causes discomfort. Besides it can do harm to health of the little pedestrian. Callosities and leg pain are only a small part of the problems connected with wearing footwear not by the size. On the present frightening consequences are deformation of feet and violation of a bearing. To avoid troubles, it is necessary to define what size of footwear will suit the child.


1. Put the sheet of paper on a floor and ask child to rise on it. The distance between legs has to be not less than 10 cm. Thus loading is evenly distributed on feet thanks to what the measurement will turn out exact. It is desirable that the child was at this time in socks as the majority of types of footwear do not rush on a bare foot.

2. Circle with a pencil a contour a foot. You keep a pencil in vertical position and you watch that it contacted to a foot throughout all process of an obvedeniye.

3. By means of a centimetric tape or a ruler measure on the drawing distance between a tip of a thumb and a heel. It is important to make measurements both foot as their length can, though it is insignificant, but to differ.

4. For determination of the exact size of a leg use the greatest of the received values. Round up it to the next number, multiple 5 mm.

5. Correlate the received value to a dimensional grid which corresponds to state standard specification. On it most of producers makes children's footwear. When choosing baby footwear be guided by the following dimensional grid: foot 95 mm long corresponds to the 16th size of footwear; 105 mm - 17; 110 mm - 18; 115 mm - 19; 125 mm - 20; 130 mm - 21; 135 mm - 22. Low-children's footwear is issued in the following sizes: foot of 145 mm corresponds to the 23rd size; for foot of 150 mm buy the 24th size; 155 mm - the 25th size; 165 mm - 26. Sizes of preschool footwear: foot 170 mm long will suit the 27th size; 175 mm - the 28th size; 185 mm - the 29th size; 190 mm - the 30th size; 195 mm - size 31. And, at last, school footwear: for foot 205 mm long the 32nd size is necessary; 210 mm - 33; 215 mm - 34; 225 mm - the 35th size.

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